Professional Copywriting For Coaches

Add on professional copywriting to your template website package to increase clients

Professional Copywriting for Coaches add on

so you can get more clients online


The Professional Copywriting for Coaches add-on for your template website means you have words that sing loud and clear who you are and what you do, without confusion. Your visitor to your website needs to be wow'd and captivated the minute they start reading, and this is what professional copywriting is all about.

We have two options to choose from for copywriting for coaches packages. 

  • Copy Re-write Service: A complete rewrite your content professionally. (no calls)
  • Copywriting Package: Working with you directly to write your copy for you. (Includes 1 call)
Copy Rewrite Service

Included in COPY REWRITE Add On: 

This service includes a re-write of your own words or copywriting for your website

  • STEP 1: Get your website content together after choosing your template using our the Website Content Creator Word Document. 
  • STEP 2: Submit your content using our Copy Rewrite Add On Workbook. Our copywriter will take your content and edit to put a professional spin on it so that your coaching business message is concise and clear!
  • STEP 3: You'll be sent the edited version to make further changes or leave as is. Submit to us using Workbook Four. 
  • STEP 4: We get to work on the website design so you can get online. 

**Note: you must provide the words (copy) for your website as best and as clear as you possibly can. Our copywriter is amazing, but not a mind reader, so please be as specific as possible.

Copywriting Service

Included in the COPYWRITING Add On: 

This service includes your words written for you for your website:

  • STEP 1: Fill out our copywriting questionnaire so we can learn about your business and ideal client
  • STEP 2: Book your initial call with our copywriter (expect 30-45 minutes)
  • STEP 3: Round 1 of the copy will be sent to you for full review. 
  • STEP 4: Round 2 of the copy will be sent to you for final review
  • STEP 5: Round 3 of the copy will be sent to you as completed
  • STEP 6: Submit Workbook Four (the content) and we can get started on designing your website. 

**Note: Usually only 1 call is required with our copywriter. 

TERMS: You can only purchase this if you have purchased a template website package from us. These prices are discounted for our clients only. If you purchase this package without a template website purchase, we will refund you.

about our copywriter

Sarah professional copywriting for coaches

Meet Sarah Marriott

Professional Copywriting for Coaches. Sarah helps brands boost their online presence and draw qualified traffic to their site with genuinely crafted words.

With years of experience writing conversion-focused copy, Sarah writes words that are easy to read, engaging, informative and SEO-friendly. Are you ready to connect and engage with your readers?

We have secured discounted pricing with Sarah from SM Copywriting for our Template Website Clients.

Copy Editing Add on

You write the content, we'll rewrite it professionally. Prices Starting at $80.

Copywriting Add on

Have our copywriter write your content for you. Prices Starting at $180.