About Us

templatewebsites.co is brought to you by master coach and web designer kylie malcolm and team.

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meet kylie

Founder and Website Designer

Health Coach with art & design at the heart of everything I do, when I realized that so many coaches were not able to live up to their potential because they couldn’t afford sites that make them feel as professional & talented as they truly were, I decided to be a part of the solution.

And I was uniquely positioned to help coaches position themselves as professionals thanks to my previous experience as a mentor for global IT companies to inspire, motivate and equip them with the tools they needed to hit million+ dollar sales goals each quarter.

Thanks to having lived in 4 countries around the world, I’ve been lucky to team up with some of the best talents to help me make my dream of outfitting coaches with their show-stopping websites.

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meet jhenine

Website Designer and Tech Superstar

Jhenine is a foodie at heart, who loves playing with her kids, watching anime and sleeping. You'll find her solving the worlds tech problems and masterminding templates when she's not designing websites.

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meet doddie

Customer Service Manager & Team Leader

Doddie started with us in 2018 and is an avid photographer who loves the arts. You'll often find her outdoors trying to find furry friends. Doddie is a customer support superstar and keeps us all on track as a team.

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meet patricia

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Patricia (Nickname: Panne) loves cats, watching anime, drawing and drinking coffee. When she isn't managing our social media accounts, she is busy masterminding the next design for Content Club so you can shine online.