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Eliminate the frustration of your coaches trying to start a business and help them hit the ground running with a professional, high converting, client-getting website template.

Coaches all around the world are wasting months - maybe even years - of time all wondering the same thing. Now what? They've got their certifications and are ready to start selling their services. But they are still stuck in the suspension of what to do and how to move forward.

What if you could help your clients or students eliminate the confusion and frustration out of starting their new health and wellness business...

...increase the success rate of your graduates…

...all while giving them a professional, legitimate online image?

At your coaching school, certifying body or course, you provide all the knowledge, expertise, and backing to get your students established as legitimate coaches. At Template, we give your students the online presence to make that happen.

Eliminate the frustration of your clients and students trying to get online so they can hit the ground running.

We provide beautifully designed coaching websites to help your students blaze a trail while creating the business of their dreams.

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When coaches invest in professionally-designed websites they are able to:

  • Eliminate months of frustration and time spent trying to get their business started
  • Have a professional image online establishing them as a legitimate business
  • Instantly book appointments to immediately get clients in the door
  • Increase their success rate while also sending glowing recommendations back to YOU, their school

Comprehensive websites built out with lead magnets, schedulers and payment options can easily cost your students thousands of dollars.

We provide all that and more at a fraction of the cost to your students. 

How are we able to make that happen?

Well, because we genuinely care about the success of coaches. We have done for over 7 years. And, because we want to see them stand out and shine online in their coaching business in the most affordable way possible.

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Our done-for-you website templates come jam-packed with the best features that any coach needs for their business to thrive:

  • Beautifully designed template logo to accent their brand
  • Responsive WordPress design built with the best mobile-friendly principles
  • Free coaching ebook or downloadable guide to start pulling in leads
  • 30 days of unlimited email support to answer any questions
  • Tutorials for ongoing and future success
  • Google Analytics setup and guidance to understand their website data
  • And access to a network of like-minded people all dedicated to your business's success!

p.s - did we mention that it only takes 14 days for your students to lay their eyes on a fully functioning, client-attracting website?

"Kylie is absolutely fantastic to work with!  She is so warm and loving and you truly feel she is personally invested in your site being the absolute best representation of you.  I was overwhelmed when we started and didn't have a clear idea of what I wanted, but early in the process Kylie assured me she had a vision, and she sure did!  She expertly took my disjointed ideas and designed a site I absolutely love and can't wait to share with the world!  She guided me through every step of the way, always responded quickly, and overall made the whole process enjoyable.  I really can't say enough wonderful things about Kylie!"


Certified Health Coach

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What you need to know about me

My name is Kylie Malcolm. My team and I have designed hundreds of websites and helped thousands of coaches establish their businesses with done-for-you content.

We have helped coaches all over the world achieve business success, like Anna Dupree, who was featured as one of the Top Health Coach Websites to Watch, and Andrea Dalhman, who has been featured on podcasts such as The Christian Health Club and The Wellness Business Podcast.

Certified in Health Coaching, I crashed headfirst into the health and wellness industry and found my niche in helping other wellness pros exude confidence in their business.

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We want to help your students and clients legitimize their business the minute they graduate or get certified with a professionally designed website.

As soon as your students get the green light from your school, they can start coaching and marketing their business without months of wasted time trying to figure out coding, design, copy, and all the intricacies of building an online business.

And we want you to benefit too.

when you partner with kylie malcolm, you can choose from one of these options.
(Prices start at $200 per website)

student discount

Give your students the gift of a professional online image with major website discounts.

give & get

Students receive a small discount and you make money off every student you refer.

the gift

Wrap the cost of our websites into your coaching course or certification as a bonus for students

Want to see how we can create a partnership to help you and your students thrive?

schedule a chat with Kylie below and let's see if we're a fit!

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