The Websites Design Process

here's how our signature design process works

Step 1


Choose your template package. Purchase your chosen package based on the template layout you want (No worries! If you change your mind later, you can still change templates!)

Step 2


Go through our on-boarding process that will tell you where to get everything you need (images, colors, fonts, domain, hosting, etc) for us to create your website. You’ll even get access to discounts for things that you can’t get for free, but if there’s a free option out there, you’ll know it. We want this to be a NO-BRAINER for you!

Step 3


Complete the on-boarding process. Complete your workbooks with your content for your site. If we have any questions about anything or something is unclear, we’ll reach out before we begin.

Step 4


This is your resting phase. We are behind the scenes, working to get you your site back in just 14 days! Feel free to start shouting from the rooftops about your new coaching website that’s coming, though! When we’re done, we’ll pass it to you for review and you’ll get ONE round of edits, so if anything needs changing, feel free to ask for it now!

Step 5


You’ll get the keys to your brand new home on the web to show off to the world (And you will because you’ll be IN LOVE!) You’ll also get lifetime access to our tutorials library and 30-day email support after your launch.

business coach template website design mockup 1

How long does it take?

Your website design takes around 14 days to get done from the moment you submit all of your forms and content.

"Working with Kylie and her team has been a wonderful experience. The entire process went so smooth and was incredibly easy. The workbooks provided were easy to follow and a hassle-free way of getting pics and copy to Kylie and her team. There was no confusion, wondering what my site will end up looking like or uneasiness about the end result. I was kept in the loop and knew exactly what to expect at all times. The turn-around time exceeded expectations. After I submitted my copy and pics my website was live within 48 hours! I highly recommend Kylie if you want a professional looking website and like working with dependable people who know their craft."


Certified Health Coach, Wellness Business Mentor, Healthy Lifestyle Blogger

Your Template Website Package Inclusions

So that you can step in and start coaching the minute your site is launched.

zoe full website template design for coaches home

ebook lead magnet

Done For You Ebook customised with your brand & logo

template logo

Beautiful text only template logo design to look professional

stock images

Access our beautiful stock image account to boost your site

mobile responsive

Your website will look good on all devices, phones included

bonus pages

Upload the bonus 3 page pack to your website (thank you and waitlist pages)

online scheduler

Automated calendar booking system integrated into the site

blog posts

Done For You Blog Posts uploaded so you are blog ready

mailing list

Setup your email marketing system and connect to your site

google analytics

Setup and connect Google analytics to monitor and track your site

bonus funnel template

Download and implement our done-for-you sales funnel template after going live

Our Support Guarantee

There is nothing worse than being left in the dark, so we've created a support process to make sure you hit the ground running once you launch your website and go live for the world to see. You have life-long access to tutorials as well as a 30 day email support period after the site is launched

video tutorials

Maintain and edit your website with ease using our easy to follow step by tutorials

30 Days Support

Feel relief knowing you have email support for 30 days after your website is launched

Content Club

A free 30 day Silver Access Pass to The Content Club, saving you time on content creation

Important Q's That You May Have
(because others have had them, too!)

Q's about what you get:

Every single WordPress website design includes the following:

+ Free Ebook/Guide - prewritten for you and designed to build your mailing list and subscribers. We have a range of topics to choose from: 5 Days to Better Health, 5 Foods to Fuel your Workout, Stress Reduction Guide and so many more! 

+ Scheduler/Calendar - for visitors to book in a free call with you so that you can have more connections through your online efforts. We recommend Calendly, Acuity Scheduling and Practice Better (all of which have a free plan)

+ Blog & Articles - A page dedicated to your blog or articles. You'll also get 3 done for you and pre-written blog posts added to your site to kick start your online presence. 

+ Tutorials for success - We include video tutorials and guides on how to maintain your site, add content, edit content and keep it up to date!

Each website design template is different, so please refer to each specific design to see how many pages and the type of content included. 

Included in your package is a DFY (done for you) Ebook and 3 Blog Posts

Presence-establishing done-for-you ebook lead magnet

Authority-building done-for-you ebook, customised with your brand & logo to help build trust and confidence in you + your process so you can begin getting those ideal client mailing list sign-ups. You’ll choose from any of our 20 topics such as general health, niche health, business strategy, fitness, gut health, and more. And if you already have your content...great! We can use that too!

Authority-building blog posts

6 Done-for-you blog posts uploaded because nothing says “maybe later” in your reader’s mind like an empty blog roll. Choose from over 50 blog posts to add to your blog. Simply select the 6 topics you want on your bonus content Workbook. Doesn’t get any easier than this!

Have your own ebook or blog posts? Go, you! We have many coaches who bring their own ebooks or other done-for-you content. You can just upload it to the bonus content workbook so we can set it up for you on your site.

Sales funnel template

A completely written for you email funnel template with 5 emails that you can edit and implement after your site is live! 

3 page pack

3 additional pages you can upload to the website for extra oomph to your business. A thank you page, waitlist page and a waitlist page with a countdown timer. 

Professional and beautiful text-only template logo design to help you get recognized from anywhere on the web. Choose a logo from one of our many professionally designed templates and provide the words and colors for us for your new logo. No edits.

Of course, if you want something a little more custom, we got you! Simply, choose a Premium Template Logo Add-On at any time, where we will design your logo for you, using a premium design and your colors.

 The VIP Package includes a more custom logo design.

Have your own logo? Wonderful! you can use that on the website. Simply, upload to the Logo & Branding Workbook and we will go ahead and use that instead.

Automated calendar booking system integrated into the site that sets the impression from the first touch. Pro coaches use these to allow people to book their own Discovery Calls and more.

There are free and paid options available to choose from.

A mailing list is a way for you to have an avid audience of people interested in what you have to say, do or offer them. The most common way to get people on your mailing list is to offer a free ebook which is the method we setup for you. Your site will have a subscribe form connected to your ebook list and from there you can start to send emails out to your subscribers through the mailing list platform. We have a few recommendations and one of them is even free! 

Q's about money and payments:

You will get instant access to our unique on-boarding process which includes your “getting started” videos, workbooks, and guides from the moment your payment is received. All our websites require you to fill out online forms to submit your content which saves automatically if you need to put it down and come back to it later.

For each website, there are 4 digital workbooks to fill out as you progress into your content to help us be as thorough and on-point as possible. They also come with a digital guide to help you fill it in, not to forget step-by-step tutorials. Once we have your workbooks, we'll get started on your website design. We'll always email you or reach out if there is missing information or something we aren't sure of!

YES of course! We understand that when you are starting out it can be tough (heck! we've all been there!). If you head over to the pricing page, you will see a tab for payment plans. We don't wait until you have made all your payments to finish the site, we trust you as much as you trust us with your new website baby.

You can pre-purchase a number of licenses for your nutrition school students, copywriting course students, health coaching business students or business mentoring course. This means that you can get 10+ websites at a cheaper rate to include as part of your business offering.

For more information on this and pricing levels click here

We have priced the websites in a way that saves you as much money as possible, so with that said, we ask that you pay for your website hosting and purchase your domain so that the savings are even bigger. The only out of pocket expenses will be: 

  • Website Hosting (around $80-$150) per year
  • Domain Purchase and renewal (between $0-20)
  • Custom Email Address (around $50 a year and optional)

The best part is you own the website and content unlike most other template websites and platforms. 

Yes absolutely. It's more common than you think. We have many clients purchase a One Page Package and realize they need something more. We simply give you a discount code for what you paid so you can upgrade at any time during the process before you submit your last workbook. 

If you have purchased and change your mind without starting on any workbooks within 7 days of purchase, we will refund you. Simply email the team at to request a refund. If you start on the process and submit workbooks it means our team have started acting on your project and no refunds can happen at this point.

Q's about the website templates:

All our sites are designed on WORDPRESS. 

They are done on, not

Every single website design includes a very specific and in depth client onboarding process that includes:

+ Workbooks and Guides

+ Videos and Tutorials

+ Step by Step instructions for every step of the process 

+ All websites come with tutorials on how to maintain your website after we hand it over to you. 

The site is then designed on your hosting plan and once we launch, you have full rights to edit and maintain the site going forward. Not sure how? We have tutorials inside the onboarding process waiting for when you need them. Or, if you need a helping hand we are there at $30 an hour to support you in fixing, editing and adding anything you need to your website. 

It's important to choose based on LAYOUT only. 

Does the template you have in mind tick all the boxes for features? Some questions to ask yourself are:

+ Do I need a sales page for a coaching program or offer?

+ Do I need a full website or just a one page?

+ Do I want many call to actions or only a few?

+ Do I like lots of images on my site or a minimalist look?

+ Do I want lots of copy on my site, or do I prefer minimal text?

Once you answer these questions, you'll get a better idea of which template to choose!

Most definitely. 

The most amazing part is that we have worked with thousands of people and designed hundreds of sites in all different areas for both men and women. Some of our clients include:

  • Health & Wellness Coaches
  • EFT Practitioners
  • Doctors and Nurses
  • Business Mentors
  • Marketing Coaches and PR Pro's
  • Fitness and PT
  • Life Coaches
  • Money Mindset Coaches
  • Animal Wellness Coaches (yes this is a thing!)
  • Alcohol brands
  • Cleaning companies
  • Online Stores
  • Medical Practices
  • And even accounting...

The key is that we know a design approach that works for optimizing your audience conversions to either join your list, click to join your fb group, sign up for a free session or call or become a client. Kylie is a coach herself, having worked as a Certified Health Coach and mentored sales teams in the IT industry. 

  1. You have purchased an Add-On 
  2. We are waiting on a couple things from you

Outside of that, the process happens pretty quickly to get you up and running. Most of our clients average 12-14 days after content has been received.

We don't start on your website until we have all FOUR of your completed workbooks. This enables us to get your website done with focused intent instead of stopping and starting. You wouldn't want to stop and start a session with your coaching clients would you?

If you need help on making adjustments to your site we charge $30 an hour. 

And, just in case, we take a manual backup of your website in case you need it in the future. 

Q's about other things:

Absolutely! You'll need to purchase the additional page add on so that we can get started on that content. It's best to wait until we have finished the site (or almost finished) so that you can get a better idea on how it all fits together with your additional page content. 

Our team is always there on email to answer any questions you might have which is generally faster. We are looking at adding an online chat support very soon. 

Absolutely! Kylie does the custom websites. Check out our bespoke website design packages here - VIEW BESPOKE PACKAGES

Kylie has lived in 4 countries and currently calls Australia home again. While living in Thailand for 4 years, she built a team in the Philippines where all the team are currently located. We pride ourselves on making our work shine and we do this together. Javelyn has been with us since almost the very beginning. Being centrally located in the world means that we can cover many timezones and generally get work done while you sleep. 

Reach out to us! 

Contact us here first. If you still feel the need to ask more Q's, then book a time to chat with Kylie here


"I am loving my site because it is so much better than the one I had. I feel so much more confident about being an entrepreneur now that I have a real website that I can refer clients and prospects to. You guys have been so wonderful to work with, even when things get a bit challenging, you remain patient and supportive. I look forward to continuing to work with you guys as my business grows. You guys ROCK!"

Deon H.

Wellness Coach