Email Marketing Systems for Coaches

We've rounded up the 3 Best Email Marketing Systems for Coaches to build a mailing list

So you've been wondering what are the best email marketing systems for coaches huh?

Look no further! 

Getting your ideal clients on your email list is a critical part of building your coaching biz.

You can encourage them into your sales funnel and build the "like, know and trust factor" ready for future sales.

If this sounds like a super daunting prospect, you’ll love the fact it can be automated to a huge extent. This is why you’ll definitely want to use an email marketing system to make your life a seriously easier.

The best email marketing systems do so much more than just send email blasts. They can help create landing pages, automate your sales funnel and even sell eCommerce and digital products. Super cool, right?

So let’s talk about some of email marketing systems for coaches that can make it super easy to manage and grow your coaching business!



Mailerlite email marketing systems for coaches

If we have to pick a winner and take sides, we choose Mailerlite.

With Mailerlite, it’s super easy to create and manage email campaigns for your coaching business. You can also automate your campaigns, and target and segment your contacts, and create landing pages.

The super great thing about Mailerlite? You can create gorgeous and professional-looking email campaigns and landing pages straight from the ton of templates they provide. You don’t need to have any web design skills at all!

It’s hugely budget-friendly too. If you’re a newbie coach, you can start on the free plan. As you grow and need to send more emails, you can upgrade to one of the paid plans.

If you’re just starting out, this can be a hugely smart choice for taking charge of your email marketing and getting your sales funnel up and running.

Not only are we Mailerlite Experts, we use Mailerlite as our own email marketing platform.



ConvertKit also has some super cool email marketing features. They also offer email templates and make it super easy to automate your sales funnel.

But they also have a ton of features that go way beyond email marketing.

You can offer freebies through your opt-in pages and landing pages - both of which can be created through ConvertKit. You can also go a whole heap further than this and sell digital products with a sales page.

There are some super cool extra features too - especially if you decide to take up the Creator Pro option. This is a hugely nifty way to increase your engagement with your ideal clients by warming up leads that have stopped interacting with your emails and rewarding subscribers who help you drive referrals.

ConvertKit can easily integrate with a ton of popular tools, including Stripe for payments and Acuity for booking in with your coaching clients. If you scale up to delivering courses, it links up hugely well with Teachable.

If you want your email marketing system to go way beyond email, it’s worth checking out.


Engagement, growth, and sales are the name of the game with GetResponse. It markets itself as an “online marketing system” - not just an email marketing system.

Email marketing is a super important part of what you get but there’s a lot more involved too. As a coach, you can get access to tools on the Entrepreneur features like email marketing, landing pages, and paid ads.

You can also use GetResponse for webinars, eCommerce tools and funnels. You’ll need to go beyond the Basic plan for some of these features but it’s a great one-stop-shop for managing your email marketing and your coaching offers all in the same place.

It’s another super-smart option to check out if you need extra tools as your coaching biz growths.


So, what email marketing platform will you use?

As part of any of our website packages, we will connect your email marketing platform to your website and setup your free offer as an email automation so that all the heavy lifting is done for you. Awesome right? Check out the other benefits here of our template packages