Where to purchase a domain for your coaching business

We've picked the best place to purchase a domain for your coaching business so you don't have to search for one.

So, you want to know where to purchase a domain from?

Along with finding a great website host for your coaching website , you'll also need to buy a domain name for it too.

Domain registrars let you find and buy a domain name - usually more than one if you need it. It's super smart to do a ton of research when you're looking for a domain registrar.

You can save yourself a whole heap of time, money, and stress if you pick the right one for you.

So let's talk a little bit about what your domain name is and how to decide where to buy it from.

What Is Your Domain Name?

Your domain name is your website name. In a nutshell, it's what your potential clients will type into the URL bar to get to your coaching website.

Once you've registered your domain name, it's yours to keep (as long as you keep renewing it!)

You can assign your new domain name to your coaching website right away or save it for later - super handy if you want to snap up extra domain names that might tie into future plans for your coaching biz.

This also prevents cyber squatters from getting in on the act. If you're not super familiar with cyber squatters, they buy up domain names and sell them on to people who want them, often for a much higher price. So it can be hugely savvy to secure any domain names you might want to use so you're not paying over the odds later on.

Either way, you'll usually pay a yearly fee to renew the domain name and stay on as the owner.

What to Look For When You're Purchasing a Domain Name

There are a whole heap of features to look for in a domain registrar.

- Price

The same domain name won't always be the same price with every domain registrar. Prices for the exact same domain name can vary based on a number of factors so it's super smart to shop around for a good deal.

"Free" domain names are another thing to consider here too. Website hosts will throw this in when you buy website hosting with them and often, it’s only free for 1-2 years. After that, you can expect to pay a yearly fee. Finding out what this will be is a huge factor when you're choosing where to purchase your domain.

- Choice of Top Level Domains

Top Level Domains (TLDs) can be super limited with some domain registrars. This is the end part of your domain name, eg .com or .net

Sometimes, you'll only be able to purchase the super popular TLDs, which can throw up a whole bunch of problems if you're after a less common one.

- User Friendliness

A control panel that's super easy to use is a huge plus point, especially when it comes to transfers to another domain registrar or modifying CNAME records.

The bottom line? A domain registrar that does most or all of the work for you is a big selling point.

- Transfers

If you fall out of love with your domain registrar or you spot a better deal elsewhere, how easy is it to transfer?

Free domain transfers are super common but fees will sometimes apply.

Where do you purchase your domain?

We absolutely love Bluehost for website hosting and it's great for domains too. It's super easy to manage your domain and they have some fab features to protect you too. Domain Lock prevents transfers you didn't set up (and it's easy to unlock if you want to transfer) and Domain Privacy+ Protection keeps your contact info private.

Use the free domain checker tool!