Booking Systems and Online Schedulers for Coaches and Online Businesses

We've picked the the 5 Best Online Booking Systems and Online Schedulers For Coaches

Once you start getting coaching clients on board, you’ll need a great online booking system or online scheduler to help schedule calls and support the admin side of your business.

You can waste a huge amount of time booking calls and sessions, and chasing up invoices and that’s all time you could be spending on scaling.

This is where a smart booking system can save you time and stress and free you up to work with more coaching clients.

Honestly, there are thousands of booking systems out there and some have a great array of features that can make your coaching or business life super simple. You can even manage your coaching programs with some of these systems! (Hello automation and ease!)

Let’s talk about some of the best ones that can help you manage and grow your coaching business.



If you’re just starting out as a coach, Calendly has great features for newbies. It's what we use in house to book a chat with Kylie to talk websites.

The main benefits are around scheduling calls and appointments with your coaching clients. It saves a ton of time when you’re trying to arrange the admin side of your biz. No need to spend time sending tons of emails to find times that work for you and your clients!

Just tell Calendly when you’re free and it does the rest. You can build in buffers so you always have time between appointments to prep or take a breather.

Add the link to your emails, social media channels, and on your website to make it super easy for people to book with you. Your clients can click your calendar link, see your availability and pick a time that suits them.

It also offers a basic intake form, which is perfect for getting a bit of info from clients when they sign up to work with you.


Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling has many of the same features as Calendly and plenty of extra ones too.

Acuity promotes itself as “your online virtual assistant” and it definitely has a ton of features that step up a notch.

As well as the scheduling benefits, you can also set up more detailed intake forms, digital contracts, video calls with your clients, coaching packages and payment plans. There’s even an option to upsell your coaching clients at checkout when they sign up for your program.

In a nutshell, it’s a great one-stop-shop for coaches who are scaling their biz and need their booking system to work smarter.



Paperbell is perfect for handling scheduling, admin, contracts, and payments for your coaching biz. You can forget about sending and chasing up invoices - they’re not needed here!

You can set up landing pages for your coaching packages with payments handled during the checkout process.

You can also sell digital downloads to your coaching clients, either as standalone products or as part of your coaching packages.

The great thing about Paperbell is that it’s been created specifically for coaches.


Practice Better

If you’re a health and wellness coach, you’ll love the features that Practice Better can offer your business.

Practice Better packs some serious punch with features as you can run your coaching packages and memberships within the system. This is super neat and a massive time and stress saver. It works great for any type of program, whether yours are evergreen or fixed date ones.

It is also interactive from a client access perspective, with plans and packages set up for your clients, you can give them tasks to complete in between sessions. Your clients can then log their journal entries in the system too. How cool is that?

Practice Better is also a telehealth platform where you can call your clients from within the portal and send them messages from there too. After calls, you can add your session notes and keep them in the portal for super easy reference.

This system makes it a whole heap easier to keep track of everything relating to your health coaching biz!


So how do these systems connect to your website?

Well, as part of any of our template website packages, we will connect your scheduler or calendar of choice to your website for free! Alternatively, you can create a free account with any of these and test it out for yourself!



Some of the links provided are affiliate links which means we may earn a commission for each paid account. We only recommend systems we love and trust though. We test systems each day to see what is best for coaches and these are the ones that make the list!